Upload Your Custom Logo


  • File requirements: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .eps, and .pdf. *Artwork must be vector.
  • Turn all type into outlines.
  • You do not need to size your artwork beforehand. We will fit the artwork to the size of the glass. *Know that type needs to be a minimum of 12pt and lines of any kind need to be a minimum of 1pt thick. If type or lines are less than the minimum requirements, you risk your artwork not producing well during the mask production process and the blasting process not being 100% successful. The mask might blow off or the open space within the etch area might be too small for allowing any actual etching to occur.
  • Artwork needs to be black and white. *Black = etch, so anything that is black in the artwork will be etched into the glass and appear frosted. Everything that is white in the artwork will be clear, original glass.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at info@thechizel.com or call us at 918-551-7986.