Our Company

The Chizel, like many small companies, started in a garage of the other co-founder, Paul Schroeder, and has grown to be one of the largest producers of high-quality etched glass products in our region. Even though our origins were humble, we have recently moved to a new manufacturing facility and have expanded our product lines to include glassware for almost anything to meet your needs. Our growth is mostly attributed to the uniqueness of our art, giving our products purpose and functionality that is timeless.

The entire journey has been very serendipitous. The two founders were introduced by way of a sweet and darling lab/boxer named Sadie May. Dara was doing contract design work for a publisher and Paul worked for the IT company that was subletting a portion of the penthouse suite. Sadie found her way into Pauls office one day and caught his attention. Paul, being a huge dog lover, wanted to make sure she found her way back safely. Sadie led him across to the other side all the way to Dara. That was the first of many unique ways that helped build what exists today.

The Art of The Chizel

Dara Edwards (Burge) is an artist from Tulsa, OK who co-founded “The Chizel” and specializes in the design of “functional art” through the etching of glass using the sandblasting technique.

She studied graphic design at OSU and has spent most of her career working as a commercial artist in the corporate sector. In 2015, Dara was introduced to the art of sandblasting glass in an effort to help friends prepare wedding decorations.

She later discovered how unique designs appeared by pushing the depth and creating dimension into glass, resulting in glassware that is not only functional, but exceptionally beautiful. As a result, she later incorporated with the purpose of offering unique glassware for events, corporations, and gifts. She continues to express her creativity by adding new designs to our unique collection that we sell.

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