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A great bourbon glass can come in many different shapes. But the rocks glass is still the classic, with enough versatility to suit the neat sipper, the "two cubes, please" drinker, and the bourbon cocktail enthusiast.

This Bourbon Emblem Round Rocks Glass is worthy of your prized bottles. With a heavy, substantial base, the glass rivals the quality of anything you'll find in a high-end tasting room. And a wide mouth lets the bourbon breathe and open up, revealing its complexities to your nose and palate.

Each glass is individually sand carved with a BOURBON emblem in a vintage-inspired typeface, redolent of a bourbon bottle label. Our etching process creates ultra-clean lines, so even the tiniest details shine through. This glass is the finishing touch to the bourbon lover's bar and makes a stunning gift for the pro collector or the new bourbon devotee.

With its high capacity, this glass can be your daily go-to, whether you're sipping your spirits neat or building a bourbon-based cocktail right inside the glass. Perfect for the Old Fashioned, Gold Rush, or Bourbon Smash. Use a bar spoon to gently mix your drink and sip away.

Products Details:

  • Top Diameter: 3.25"
  • Bottom Diameter: 3.125"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • Capacity: 11 fl. oz.

Bulk Pricing:

  • 1 - 3 glasses: $32 per glass
  • 4 - 11 glasses: $25 per glass
  • For glass orders of 12 or more please email

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