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If you’ve ever heard the motto “A New Kind of Energy” and how it figures into the history of Tulsa, Oklahoma, you might get an idea of where The Chizel was coming from when it designed this outstanding glass. Yes, we take our hometown pride seriously, and that’s why we’ve done a deep-etch sand-carving of the Tulsa city map on our new rocks glass. Whiskey and bourbon pour smoothly into this lovingly designed artisan receptacle with its frosted city blocks bordered by clear glass streets. Tactile routes will transmit Tulsey Town’s full grid from Utica Avenue to the 244 straight to your drinking grip. You’ll even see neighborhoods like the Blue Dome District represented throughout. Of course, your scotch will taste that much better knowing you’ve got a real piece of Americana art hosting your favorite adult beverage.

As a conversation piece, it could round out everything from your bar glassware collection to that display of cowboy memorabilia you keep by the billiards table. Crafted lovingly right in T-Town, The Chizel always makes sure to balance the aesthetic design with the need to have a rocks glass thick enough to keep the ice from making your hands too cold and open enough to allow the aroma of your favorite bottles to rise for you to anticipate that refreshing sip of the good stuff. Welcome home to Tulsa, no matter where your home may be!

Products Details:

  • Top Diameter: 3.25"
  • Bottom Diameter: 3.125"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • Capacity: 11 fl. oz.


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  • 4 - 11 glasses: $40 per glass
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