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There’s a lot of mythology written into the history of America’s Old West. Boomtowns seemingly appear overnight. Centers for the cattle-ranging industry and a rugged cowboy lifestyle have become the stuff of legends the world over. Thing is, a lot of that stuff was absolutely true. And while the modern versions of those cities have obviously evolved into cosmopolitan centers over time, that legacy remains woven within their fabric. Oklahoma City is a prime example of this. The former homesteader “Land Rush” town is now a vibrant urban playground. But you can still wrap its past neatly around its present — just as you can comfortably wrap your fingers around The Chizel’s new OKC Map Square Rocks glass.

Deep-etched into this artisanal piece is a street map of “The Big Friendly,” featuring heritage neighborhoods like Bricktown and the Boathouse District. Those lucky enough to have spent time in the OKC will get a tactile reminder of the town’s awesome street culture with every glass they enjoy. For those who have not had the pleasure, this stunning piece will serve as a work of art on display in your glassware collection — and perhaps prompt a trip to see this great place for yourself! When you invite your friends over for a nice serving of whiskey or bourbon, expect the conversation to turn to the map, with at least one drinking buddy offering up a story about some crazy night they spent in the OKC! It’s a great addition to your bar or tchotchke corner.

Products Details:

  • Top Diameter: 3.25"
  • Bottom Diameter: 2.5"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • Capacity: 9.25 oz.

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